December 12, 2013

WISH quilt

Have I really not posted since July? I don't know where this year has gone. . .

September was my month as quilter for the WISH circle of do. Good Stitches. I chose this Half Square Triangle {Scrappy Strings Style} tutorial from Blooming Poppies with the string part of the block in bright, citrus colors (yellow, orange, green, pink) and the other half in a light gray solids or low-volume gray prints. My bee members provided me with some beautiful blocks and I am in love with the finished quilt.

I quilted straight lines approximately one-half inch apart in the gray areas, echoing the diamond pattern. It really shows up on the back.
Bee member Kirsten generously provided the beautiful Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabric which I paired with a Kona orange and hot pink. My initial plan was to have the quilt label in the unquilted area but I somehow flipped the layout when I put the back together. Still beautiful, though. The binding is a large-scale hot pink and white polka dot. The quilt measures 38.5 inches by 47.5 inches and will be donated to Project Linus.

There is a do. Good Stitches year-end celebration of all the amazing quilts that were completed in 2013.  Go check them out!

July 24, 2013

wip Wednesday {7/24/13}

I have so many wips and not much motivation to sew. (I hate when that happens.) So, some of the projects in my mess of a sewing room are. . .

A simple "i spy" patchwork quilt top. I was inspired by this Tea Rose Home tutorial but instead of gingham sashing, I used a bright orange polka dot I had in my stash. My friend is having a 1st birthday party for her daughter next month so I though this would be a cute gift. I have a fun Moda print in my stash for the backing.

Bead bags for Beads of Courage. One of the Omaha Modern Quilt Guild members brought this charity opportunity to our attention at our last guild meeting. I have 2 bags finished and 4 more in various stages of done-ness. I like sewing for charities that benefit my community, and these bags will be donated to the Beads of Courage program at Children's Hospital & Medical Center.

String quilt blocks for Children's Square Home in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I enjoy making string quilt blocks and again it's nice that they will benefit my local community. (They want these sent in untrimmed and it's killing me. My favorite part of making the blocks is trimming them and seeing how beautiful they are.)

 Here's hoping I find some motivation this weekend to get some of these projects completed!

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July 9, 2013

digital WISH quilt

I recently had the opportunity to become a quilter for my WISH circle of do. Good Stitches. For the April blocks, I chose this modernized disappearing nine patch in red, aqua, dark brown and white. And finally (a little late), here's the completed quilt:

My favorite part is our do. Good Stitches label incorporated into a wonky star block on the back.

This is the largest quilt I have ever quilted. I tend to make baby quilts since they aren't as difficult to maneuver on my domestic machine. Since this was my first large quilt, I chose a simple quilting pattern of wavy horizontal lines. I love how it turned out and would like to thank the ladies of the WISH circle for making such beautiful blocks. This quilt will be donated to Project Linus.

size: 51.5" x 62"
quilting: wavy horizontal lines, quilted by me on my Bernina Activa 220

June 5, 2013

wip Wednesday {6/5/13}

Today I'm working on. . .

My June blocks for the WISH circle of do. Good Stitches. We're making Bijoux Blocks in gray, black and mustard. This is my first attempt at curves but I think I can do it.

I've been in the middle of an "i spy" project which has been strewn across my sewing room floor for weeks now. It took me forever to figure out the correct measurements for the flying geese roofs on my "i spy" houses. I don't know how I can be so bad at quilt math.

I'm almost done quilting my first WISH quilt!

I am so in love with the wonky star block I made using our do. Good Stitches label.

And the packages are continuing to roll in for my i spy charm swap. Just waiting on one more and I can start sorting!

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June 1, 2013

our summer bucket list

Warning to all my quilty/crafty followers:  this is a "mom" post!

I have a 6 year old son. (It seems like he was a baby just the other day so I'm not sure how he has grown up so quickly!) As a working mom, I often feel that I am a crappy mom. I'm at work and my son is at daycare doing all these amazing things I'm missing out on. I did feel a little less guilty when he started kindergarten--I mean, he had to go to school, right? His last day of school was last Wednesday and on Thursday I packed him up and dropped him off at daycare on my way to work. It's summer vacation and not much has changed. (I initially felt bad he would spend much of his summer vacation at daycare but he's pretty excited since they have 2 to 3 field trips a week. I have to work just to pay for the field trips!) So after doing some thinking this week, I realized even though I work full time we still have a lot of time together. . .we just don't make the most of it. Too much "screen time" and not enough quality time. I figured we had plenty of time everyday to do at least one small thing together. After seeing The Ultimate Summer Bucket List at Ucreate I decided we needed our own bucket list. Most of our list is the same (they have some great ideas!) but I did change a few. My goal is to do at least one new, fun thing a day and document it with a photo. Maybe at the end of the summer I'll even be a super mom and make a cool Shutterfly photo book.  Maybe.

Summer 2013 Bucket List:

1. picnic at the park

2. play in a kiddie pool

3. make smores

4. homemade pizza party

5. visit a new park and play on the toys

6. join the library's summer reading program

7. make a lemonade stand

8. go to a summer matinee

9. tie dye t-shirts

10. write your own story

11. scavenger hunt walk

12. lunch with dad at work

13. attend story time at the library

14. make ice cream

15. visit an IMAX theater

16. fondue night

17. run a 1 mile fun run

18. have a water balloon fight

19. make journals

20. go to a parade

21. make homemade jam

22. hunt for shapes in the clouds

23. go to a water splash pad

24. play Legos

25. go fishing

26. build an indoor fort using blankets

27. go bowling

28. backyard water games

29. go to a baseball game

30. go to the zoo

31. sew something

32. family bike ride

33. go to the batting cages

34. go swimming

35. sidewalk paint

36. go bird watching

37. make homemade popsicles

38. play catch

39. learn how to play a new board game

40. go see a fireworks show

41. mail a letter to someone special

42. attend a kids workshop at Home Depot or Lowe’s

43. have a play date with a school friend

44. make 4th of July shirts

45. learn to jump rope

46. play dress up

47. try a new restaurant

48. bake cookies

49. fly a kite

50. go on a road trip

51. do a fun science project

52. go camping

53. make a bird feeder

54. play hopscotch

55. make paper airplanes and race

56. make sail boats and race

57. set up or make a slip n slide

58. play mini golf

59. skip rocks in a river

60. make smoothies

61. go to a children’s museum

62. start a rock collection

63. plant flowers

64. have a family talent show

65. run in the sprinklers

66. make friendship bracelets

67. create sidewalk art using chalk

68. go to a garage sale

69. make homemade bubbles

70. go to an amusement park

71. make princess crowns or hero capes

72. make homemade play dough

73. do a jigsaw puzzle

74. have a pillow fight

75. play mini golf

76. camping in the backyard

77. play in the sand at the park or beach

78. make or go get snow cones

79. go the a local fair

80. go to a thrift store (okay, this one is for me!)

81. make a video

82. catch butterflies with nets

83. make homemade instruments

84. go horseback riding

85. decorate cupcakes or cookies

86. go to an outdoor concert

87. have a treasure hunt

88. play Frisbee

89. make sun catchers

90. visit a nature center

91. go to the beach

92. collect sea shells

93. go a local farmer’s market

94. have a puppet show

95. make root beer floats

96. have an ice cream party with lots of toppings

97. make recycled crayons

98. go to the skate park or a skating rink

99. family movie night

100. make treats for neighbors

May 17, 2013

chevron baby quilts

I know I've posted about my chevron baby quilt wips, but I don't think I ever shared any completed photos on my blog. This week's challenge at The CSI Project is crafting with patterns which motivated me to finally share some pics.

Riley Blake Designs has the best chevron print fabric.  Because the chevron is printed the length of the fabric (parallel to the selvage), just one yard of their large chevron print make the perfect little baby quilt.

The chevron print also provides the perfect guide for quilting which makes for a fairly quick and easy baby gift.


May 1, 2013

wip Wednesday {5/1/13}

I've been a lot more motivated which means lots of wips and not a lot of finished projects! (I was feeling a little lazy last night so you're getting mostly instagram photos with some crazy filters.)

I am so happy my i spy charm swap filled up in less than a week. I figured I'd better do something with some of the i spy charms I already have so I'm making up a bunch of modernized disappearing 9 patch blocks using the i spy charms in the corners, a fun polka dot print in the center and white for the remaining squares.

I'm also making quilt blocks for Quilts for Boston. I've already made a wonky star blocks (because they're my favorite):

Last night I worked a simple heart block.

I love how it turned out.  I definitely need to make more of these.

And if my to-do list wasn't long enough, I checkout out a Tula Pink book from the library. I think my list just got a little longer!

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April 24, 2013

wip Wednesday {4/24/13}

I'm hosting an "i spy" fabric charm swap--come join in the fun! For all the details and to sign up, check out this post!  We are full!

* * *
After not having much motivation last month, I'm back in the quilting/sewing/crafting groove. Unfortunately, that has led to a whole new batch of wips! *sigh* It's a never-ending cycle.

First up is my "Up From Here" block for Alyssa Lichner's Modern Block of the Month 2 over at Sew, Mama, Sew! I altered the pattern slightly so I could use some of my many charm squares.
With the changes I think I figured the "quilt math" correctly, but my top edges don't match up right. Now that could be because I refuse to starch and I don't pin enough. . .  :)  I used Kona Coal for the background and some rainbow-colored charm squares. I just need to make 3 more and I'll have a cute little baby quilt top.

The Omaha Modern Quilt Guild has started a monthly block challenge. First up for April is a paper-pieced star. I have just one little section left. I do enjoy paper piecing but I don't think I would ever make a whole quilt with pieced blocks--too intricate and time-consuming for me. (Which could be why I've made none of the blocks from the Lucky Stars BOM I joined at the beginning of the year.)

I did finish up an adorable personalized applique baby blanket but I can't show pictures of it yet! It will be sent off to one of my do. Good Stitches group member who is expecting a baby boy next month. Today I also want to make this crunchy jellyfish toy to send with the blanket. And now I just need to finish poor baby Arlo's blanket. . .
It's been hanging out on the back of my sewing chair for the better part of a month!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

April 21, 2013

join my "i spy" charm swap!

Thanks everybody!  Our swap is full!

I don't have enough projects going on at once, so how about I host another "i spy" charm swap! Want to join in the fun?  I'm looking for 55 participants (US residents only, please).  You send me 56 charms of one fabric and get 56 unique charm squares in return. What a deal! If you know of anybody that may be interested, please pass this along.  The sooner the swap fill up, the sooner you'll have your fabric to play with!

to join the swap:
  • Fill out the form at the end of this post to secure your spot in the swap. If you want 2 spots, fill out the form twice.  We are full!
  • Purchase one yard of 100% cotton, designer fabric appropriate for an "i spy" quilt. (No Hancocks or JoAnns and no licensed prints.) We will be exchanging 5 inch charms so make sure the scale of the print you choose is appropriate.
  • After you purchase your fabric, upload a picture to the flickr group. Do this as soon as possible so we can make sure there aren't any duplicates.
  • Do not prewash your fabric. Cut your fabric into 5 inch charms. If you need a tutorial on cutting your fabric into charms, please read this tutorial by Elizabeth Hartman.
  • Place ALL 56 of your 5 inch fabric charms in a plastic zipper bag along with a piece of paper with your name, flickr ID, mailing address and e-mail address. Mail your charms to me (my address will be e-mailed to you) and be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope so I can mail your charms back to you. The tentative due date for me to receive your charms will be June 1st but this may change depending on how long it takes the swap to fill up.
  • Try and wait patiently for your charms to arrive in the mail then create something amazing!

March 20, 2013

modernized d9p quilt blocks

I am so excited for April! Next month I will have my first turn as quilter for the WISH circle of do. Good Stitches. Ever since I found out I was going to be a quilter, I've been searching for the perfect quilt blocks and the perfect color scheme to make the perfect quilt. I've changed my mind about a thousand times so I'm just going to go ahead and post my idea now so I can't change it again!

I've decided on a fairly straightforward quilt design for my first month. We'll be making this Modernized Disappearing 9 Patch from Kristy at St. Louis Folk Victorian. Now for the color combination. I've been perusing all the beautiful possibilities at Design Seeds and finally chose this pretty combination of white, aqua, red and dark brown.

Everyone will make 2 quilt blocks and each quilt block will use 4 colored/print charm squares and 5 white charm squares.

Sew your 9 patch blocks using any two of the layouts provided in the tutorial.

Cut each 9 patch block into quarters.

Mix up your blocks and sew them back together however you like!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

February 13, 2013

some a-maze-ing Valentines

My son is in kindergarten, and this past weekend we started making his Valentine's Day cards. There are so many cute ideas out there for kids' Valentine's Day cards (I pinned a lot!) but I really liked these maze cards. (I'm sure there are other versions out there, but those are the first ones I saw.) Here's our version with some for the boys:

Some for the girls:

And one for his teacher:

The teacher thought it would be good writing practice if the kids wrote the names on their cards so I stamped "To" and "From" on the envelopes and let him address them.  So cute!

I found the mazes at Michaels and all the cardstock and scrapbook papers are from my stash.

I also whipped up a quick card for my husband.
My husband only listens to talk radio so he'll have no idea who the Lumineers are, but I love this song and thought the lyrics were appropriate for a heartfelt card.


WIP Wednesday {2/13/13}

Lent starts today and I have decided to greatly limit my time spent on the internet. I'm aiming for just 15 minutes a day to check e-mail, facebook, flickr, pinterest and keep up on the blogs I like to follow. (Thank goodness I don't get the internet on my phone.) I waste so much time on the internet when I should be sewing or cleaning or paying more attention to my family.  (Like right now, my husband is trying to have a conversation with me and I'm typing away on a blog post.) So it's time to step back and refocus. I hope to make lots of progress on my WIPs!

This week I finished my February quilt block for WISH at do. Good Stitches. We made Road to Tennessee blocks in blue, green and gray. I think they're going to make a beautiful quilt.
And I'm so excited! There was an opening for a quilter in my circle so I'm going to get to plan and put quilts together for the group starting in April!

I started a few bibs for Craft Hope's Project 20:  Hope for China.
The bib on the left is this Purl Bee pattern and it's my new favorite bib pattern. I love the shape.

And I did pull a WIP out of the pile and have almost finished quilting it. I think this quilt top is at least two or three years old and it may have been one of the first tops I made that wasn't simple patchwork squares and that came from a "pattern." I used Elizabeth Hartman's Charm Squares Baby Quilt tutorial. I cut my own charm squares from some clearance Deb Strain fat quarters (my first purchase from a "real" quilt shop). I'm not sure what fabric line they're from. My Bernina has a wavy stitch that I've been wanting to try and I really like it--it reminds me of ric rac.

After this one is finished, just two more quilt tops in the WIP pile!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

February 3, 2013

{there's always Dreams.}: my Madrona Road quilt

It took me until the final day, but I completed my Madrona Road quilt in time to upload it to the finished projects group on flickr. I think it's the first time I've started and finished a quilt in the same month, and I'm glad the weather was nice enough to get some outdoor shots of my quilt.

I cut my 7 fat eighths into 70 4-inch squares and paired them with 70 Kona White squares to make 140 half-square triangles. I didn't do much planning and was pleasantly surprised when it worked out perfectly into this diamond layout. I added Kona Candy Blue borders and I purchased extra text fabric for the binding.
Madrona Road quilt front

I used some of the scraps to make a pieced strip for the backing. (I am not a great photographer but this has to be one of my favorite quilt shots.)

Madrona Road quilt back

This is really the first time I've thought about and included little details in my quilt. I had to piece the side borders so I added little strips of the text fabric.
Madrona Road quilt border

I quilted 5 rows of stitching along each of the border pieces and I love the little boxes it made in the corners.
Madrona Road quilt corner

I added a corner quilt label on the back.
Madrona road quilt label

The text fabric ended up being my favorite. It's a little blurry but I appliqued a little piece of fabric to the front of the quilt--"there's always Dreams."
Madrona Road dreams applique

I don't know that I'll ever have a need for a baby girl quilt but I'm holding onto this one just in case. I think this line of fabric would make a beautiful nursery for a baby girl.