August 16, 2010

freezer paper and spray paint

Back in April I wrote about my love for freezer paper and bleach. My new love is freezer paper and spray paint. On Sunday I finally had time to try this awesome tutorial from Crap I've Made to jazz up a plain morsbag. My husband took my son fishing. They were gone for 6 hours. That's probably the most alone time I've had in the last 3&1/2 years. I made a freezer paper stencil using a google image of a recycling symbol and some metallic silver spray paint. A really bad picture of the really cool result:
I recommend making sure your fabric is completely covered before you start spraying. On the first bag I stenciled I thought I had the fabric sufficiently covered, but some spray paint managed to float under the newspaper I used so there's a faint spray paint line on the side and top of the stencil.
It's not too noticeable, so I'll just keep this bag for myself! On the second bag, I made sure to tape the paper down with masking tape. I love this stencil so much, I want to make a cute shirt for my son. Thanks for looking!

August 11, 2010

kids thank you cards

Everybody told me that time would fly after I had my son. I knew it would, but I still can't believe he's already 3&1/2! Next Monday at daycare he moves on to Room 8. He started in Room 1 at just 6 weeks old, and he's already going to Room 8?! And he'll start kindergarten in just two short years?! Time does fly. He learned so much and really enjoyed his time in Room 7, so I decided we needed to make some thank you cards for his two teachers. I used a word processing program to set up a file that would print a blank thank you card.

I would like the outline to be a little darker, but haven't figured out how to do that yet. My son used markers to color in the letters.

I think I'll trace the letters in black marker since some of the letters are hard to see. I also colored a card which didn't turn out that great. It's difficult to color with a Pip-Squeaks marker.

Thanks for looking!

August 10, 2010

superhero cape

I am always telling myself I don't have enough time to craft after working full-time and entertaining a 3&1/2 year old when I'm not working (and cleaning just enough to keep the house liveable). I'm constantly looking for new blogs and ideas and have so many projects bookmarked. The truth is, if I spent a lot less time looking for projects on the computer or watching TV and just started some of these projects, I'd get a lot more done. (One of the excuses I use for not starting a project is I don't have the right color thread on my sewing maching. Seriously?! It only takes 30 seconds to change the thread!) Anyway, this morning I decided I was going to make my son a superhero cape using this tutorial from Puking Pastilles. I purchased some navy blue remnants awhile ago for the cape and everything else I had in my sewing stash. I think my total cost was probably less than $2.

The only things I would do differently next time is make the applique smaller and use lighter-weight fabric for the applique. The applique is supposed to be an "L" for my son's name. He wasn't that excited about the cape, but maybe he's just not in a superhero mood today. Thanks for looking!

August 1, 2010

morsbags giveaway for Crap I've Made

To help Char at Crap I've Made celebrate her 1,000,000 hit I'll be giving away two morsbags to one lucky winner. The giveaways start Monday, August 1 on her blog so be sure to check it out.

This week's theme at the CSI project is fabric. I love fabric. Right now I love using thrifted sheets as a source of fabric. It's amazing that you can spend as little as 99 cents and get enough fabric to make 8 morsbags. The two bags I'm giving away are the last two made from this cute sheet. (I'm proud of myself for giving away 7 bags/kits and only keeping one for myself since I am also a fabric hoarder!) Currently, morsbags are my favorite sewing project because it's quick, easy, and you end up with something useful. You can make your own morsbag by following the instructions on the morsbags site. If you're interested in receiving a free morsbags kit, check out this post. Thanks for looking!