May 30, 2010

bean bags

I've realized I'm not very good about blogging--I actually complete more projects that what I get posted.  I'm going to try and blog more frequently, so I thought I'd start by sharing some stuff I made awhile ago.  Back in February, my 3-year-old son asked me to make some bean bags.  He used bean bags to play games at daycare and wanted some at home.  So we spent an afternoon making these:

The fabric is from a thrifted sheet I had purchased at Goodwill to make morsbags.  I didn't do a very good job checking for stains and such before I bought it.  I wasn't able to cut out many bag pieces, but I had enough usable fabric for a small project like this.  I cut 6" squares, and the bean bags ended up being a little big.  When I make more, I'll try 5" or 5-1/2" squares.  I lined them with some cheap muslin remnants I picked up at the fabric store so they're nice and durable.  If you use denim or a canvas-type fabric, lining them wouldn't be necessary.  They're good for stacking, counting, throwing them in a box, balancing them on your head. . .  It's amazing what will entertain a 3-year-old.  Thanks for looking!

May 21, 2010

SMS Giveaway Winner!

I used to select one winner from my giveaway.  The winner is comment #14. . .Allison!  Thanks to everybody who entered and shared environmentally friendly ideas.

May 16, 2010

Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway

I had fun participating in the last Sew, Mama, Sew! giveaway (and even won something!) and am excited to be participating again. One lucky winner will win a pair of morsbags. Of course I haven't finished the bags yet, but they will look like this--

--except they will be made out of this super-cute fabric from a thrifted sheet. (The sheet is like brand new. I'm pretty picky about the thrifted items I use to make my bags.) I'll post a picture of the completed bags when they're done.

To be entered to win, just leave a comment on this post (one comment per person, please) about one environmentally friendly thing you do (or want to start doing)--no matter how small it may seem. I will use to choose one winner from all comments left by 12 midnight CST on Thursday, May 20, 2010. I will ship the item by May 24, and I will ship internationally. Thanks for participating!

ETA:  I finished one of the bags, so here's a picture of what you will actually receive--